Tell a Friend About Syneos Health and Earn $375!


Do you know someone who is interested in participating in clinical studies?

We reach out to potential volunteers through media networks including print, radio, and social media advertisements. However, no medium is as effective as word-of-mouth communication. A referral from YOU, our current volunteers, speaks volumes.

How our Referral Program works

Referral fees

Referral fees are approved by an ethics committee. You will receive the fee only when the volunteer you referred is enrolled in a study. Referral fees up to $375 have been provided for our studies. Please note, only specific studies have referral fees. You may be eligible for multiple referrals.

Use this form to send your friend an email about us, and we will send them an email about our studies. The email you send goes directly to your friend; it does not come to us at all. We do not keep or give out the email addresses you provide.

Here is the message that will be sent to your friend on your behalf.

Hi, <Friend’s Name>

Syneos Health is looking for Volunteers for clinical studies. You should check out their website:

<Your Name>